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Friday, September 14, 2012

McCarren Park at New York FIlm Festival Convergence

On September 29, The New York Film Festival Convergence Track will be featuring two sessions on McCarren Park. These sessions will be the premiere of the feature film content (abridged and annotated for your viewing pleasure) and YOU CAN STILL ATTEND.

Whether your interest is simply the ironic pleasure of seeing an Ed Wood style Hipster-Dinosaur Movie at Lincoln Center or you are a die hard fan of elaborate multiplatform comedies, you should get your tickets now while they last.

Our Two Sessions are:
A selection of scenes in the first half of the narrative will be combined with lessons learned creating the feature for under $3500.00  How do you inspire collaborators to engage in your story world? What are some tactics that worked on this project and others to build an audience and to get that audience to add their own content into the story world? How do you create a story that can translate from one platform to another? How do you do that without a huge budget? Finally, what are the barriers to production on a miniscule budget and how can you overcome them? and immediately following, with the second half of the narrative
and immediately following with the second half of the story:

The means of creating new stories and distributing them have never been more available to so many people. For most, these techniques mean making something, instead of never making anything at all.  In this session, a selection of scenes in the second half of the film McCarren Park—an interactive, educational transmedia experience available on phones, the internet, and via a card game - will be combined with lessons on how to expand your story and get noticed without a huge studio infrastructure. Once you have your story together, how do you choose platforms to expand it? What are the benefits of expanding your story versus adapting footage and scenes to new spaces? What are the benefits of working on multiple platforms with a limited budget?

 For More information on NYFF Convergence's incredible slate of projects check out their website


Hey Everyone,

We've got some big news and some hard news.

We're changing our name and logo, to....

And here you thought it couldn't get more hipster-y, hipsterish, like unto the hair of a hipster on 2am on Saturday when the beat drops...

More details on that in the rebranding chapter of our book (in progress) . But keep an eye out for more changes in the pipeline as we adjust to the new paradigm. Meanwhile, don't think for a second this means that the hipster-dinosaur fun is over... this is only the beginning.