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Saturday, May 8, 2010

About Us

Caitlin Burns
Caitlin Burns creates and influences rich fictional universes that are readily familiar to millions. An expert at transmedia storytelling as well as what makes a storyline rich, immersive and resonant, she has been involved in strategic planning and production of video games, comic book series, movies, toys and animation for world-class franchises. 

Her background in theatrical design and grand immersive events gives her a particular insight into the production processes across many creative boundaries, easily conversing with people of different specialties and integrating their work into a cohesive whole. Her costumes and events have been seen and enjoyed by thousands in and around New York City, some of her accessories have made their way to the runways of New York’s Fashion Week and her Jewelry has been profiled internationally.

Steele Tyler Filipek

Steele Tyler Filipek has been an active, professional writer since graduating from New York University in 2006. In addition to his work for Starlight Runner Entertainment, he has had plays produced in both the United States and England, published numerous short stories, written children's books, produced sketch comedy, and is the writer of the comic book, Tiara: Mistress of Time.

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