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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How are we doing this? and why?

Jurassic Park Slope is an interactive experience, it not only asks for audience participation, it requires it to produce its final product. We're all bored with passive entertainment and want to create something active where fans have ownership and share in the experience from day one until long after the final product's release.

This project asks its audience to join the creators on the streets and at parties, to share their own footage, ideas, photos and to create stories of their own to add to the fictional world.

We want people to dress like dinosaurs, join us at events, help us film and share their ideas and experience online. Why do we want to share the process? It's fun and attainable.

Our aesthetic is easy to plug in to, and this type of experience-making is possible with limited means and a very small budget. Not only do we want you to help us make our project better, we want you to create the next one, make it even better than ours and to pitch in when you make it.

For more information on how to contribute to Jurassic Park Slope, contact us at

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