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Thursday, August 5, 2010

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Burg, was fun, more to come, leave us alone about it for a minute... geez.

So we've been slow getting footage up from When Dinosaurs Roamed the Burg... so sue us it's HOT out. We'll be announcing our next event in the coming week so check back in.

But, in the interest of sating your ravenous hunger for Jurassic Park Slope, here are 3 videos to tease you, and to let you know you really should have been there.

Also, as a note, all the hilarious and appropriate music was diegetic, in fact, the entire day was accompanied by a fantastic variety of sound effects and tracks that came up at precisely the right moment... suspicious? yes. For those of you watching our antics at home because one of us may have been born into a reality show... hi!

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