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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Jurassic Park Slope Fantastic Contest of Amazing Awesome

Hey There Jurassic Park Slopers!

Are you weeping quietly to yourself because you can't make it to tomorrow's event? Well dry your eyes, Emo Kid, we have a contest just for you.  The Jurassic Park Slope Fantastic Contest of Amazing Awesome, what's that you ask? watch our intro video.

For those of you too lazy to press play, you can find your very own ARG Fest 2010 Limited Edition Jurassic Park Slope Super Adventure Kit if you're down in Atlanta (or Hotlanta, as the case may be), or download the slightly less limited edition here next week. Once you have it, use the Proprietary Papyrus Based Character Assembly to create your vivid ensemble of characters and a scene of your own. Then upload it to the YouTube site as a response, or the Facebook Fan Page.

The three finest responses will receive Phenomenal Mind-Blowing Prizes and will be announced on August 31, 2010.

But you say "I have no idea how to assemble the Proprietary Papyrus Based Character Assembly?!?!!!" Well, look no further than after the jump where we have instructional videos ready to instruct you thoroughly.


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