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Friday, July 9, 2010

An Open Call to Musicians– Or, how to be recognized by people other than your mom.

We’re making this film that will be distributed through phone application, but it’s more than a movie. Jurassic Park Slope is a terrifying(ly hilarious) experience across different media.

The core of JPS will be in the app. Pieces will be unlocked at points throughout Williamsburg, with additional footage online (in case one can’t get to Brooklyn), all unlockable by geolocation or solving puzzles and finding things at physical locations (bars, businesses etc...). At the same time it has already become a community of artists working together to create a way to get their art out into the public eye.


We are looking for musicians and bands who might be interested in contributing to our soundtrack in exchange for cross-promotion and IMMORTALITY IN FILM™. Our shooting schedule culminates at an event/party/concert with the bands involved in mid-September where everyone’s work is showcased. This whole projects promises to be more fun than you can shake a stick at… unless that’s your thing, in which case, shake away.

We’re creating live events to both enhance our footage and to have awesome, fun experiences. We need places to show up, music for our movie, promos and songs that place in our fictional world. Want to make a music video? We have resources you might not. Want to bring more people to your concert? Invite us and we'll bring our list. Want your music to live on long after your death as the overture to a dinosaur comedy? You know you're game.

Get back to us at or tell your more talented friends to get back to us, you get the picture.

This movie will rock so hard it will become fossilized. Don't miss out.

“Nothing ruins a good party like a Velociraptor attack, and when a group of Urban Hipsters gets caught up in a whirlwind of Mesozoic fury, it'll take more than PBR and vinyl to get them out of Brooklyn alive.”

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